From Hacker Innovation: Redefinition and Examination of Outlaw Sources of Generativity for Future Product Development Strategies (2014) by Mike Pinder
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The intention of this paper was to fully and openly discuss the phenomenon of the hacker in relation to firm driven innovation and its potential future useful impact on wider industries. The discussion clearly isolated generative from non- generative sources of potential innovation and the point at which this may exist as well as give examples where and how innovation occurs to a range modular architecture systems design artefacts. Fundamental underlying motivations and ethics for hacker activities have been discussed demonstrating how widely pervasive they are across all forms of hacking activity, from highly illegal to more legal forms hacking that none the less create sources of important yet perhaps underestimated generativity and value for firms and consumer markets alike. Extant understandings of hacker innovation have been discussed from within the current literature and future areas for academic research have been highlighted. It is hoped that this discussion will inspire future academics to undertake research in this growing, interesting and challenging domain.


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